Peter J. Adams Book Description



Moral Jeopardy: Risks of Accepting Money from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Gambling Industries

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014   (282 pages)     ISBN:  9781107091207


Tobacco, alcohol and gambling corporations have been highly effective in stalling, diverting and blocking public health measures. This book provides an original and engaging exposé of the ethical issues faced by people and organizations when they accept industry money in ways that facilitate corporate influence with the public and with policy makers. It starts with a detailed examination of the risks of accepting such profits and what might be done to reduce them, then moves on to introduce the concept of a continuum of ‘moral jeopardy’ which shifts the emphasis from accept/not accept binaries to a focus on the extent to which people are willing to accept funding. This shift encourages people to think and speak more about the risks and to develop clearer positions for themselves. The content will be helpful to those working in government agencies, addiction services, community organizations or anyone interested in reducing the harms of addictive consumption.

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Prof Jim McCambridge (University of York, UK, 2017).

.. A remarkable achievement of this book is that it draws attention to the broader contexts within which researchers make decisions about the risks of accepting industry money. In so doing, it locates science as important to political influence in ways which are probably underappreciated by social and political scientists… Adams emerges as an extraordinary individual whose efforts on behalf of the addiction field deserve to be recognized much more widely… The book does not preach. It offers a guide for individuals to make up their own minds… This book is highly recommended.   (Review in journal, Addiction 112(10), 1885). See here