by Peter J Adams

Unhealthy Commodity Industries

Research on industry tactics, conflicts of interest, community and researcher moral jeopardy and ethical principles

Addiction Services

Research on service development, service evaluation, brief interventions and social approaches to addiction

Gender-based Violence

Research on men’s justifications for violence, the rhetoric of violence, masculinities and violence prevention


Gambling research on public health, conflicts of interest, service interventions and community impacts

Mental Health

Research on theory in mental health, major concerns (e.g. suicide), use of coercion and relationship to addictions

Addiction Theory

Research on concepts of addiction, models of change, academic traditions and social explanations

Rhetoric & Theory

Writing on rhetorical analysis, metaphor, metonymy and synecdoche, and other areas of social theory

Existential Issues

Writing on human finitude, personal mortality, life crises, life transitions,  and other existential challenges.


Research on the nature of spiritual encounters (religious or mystical experiences) and how to talk about them