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Reflecting on the Inevitable: Mortality at the Crossroads of Psychology, Philosophy and Health

New York: Oxford University Press, 2016

Is it possible to comprehend ones own death? Might the attempt to do so be critical for the engagement with ones own life? Reflecting on the Inevitable takes the reader on a journey into the midst of the questions that emerge here, drawing together a range of philosophical and psychological considerations within an intriguing and accessible narrative that will be of value, not only to students and researchers in many different fields, but also to anyone who has begun to reflect on the fact of their own inevitable demise. (Endorsement)

Emeritus Distinguished Professor Jeff Malpas

University of Tasmania, Australia, 2020

This is a rich and fascinating study of the prospect of personal death. The book is unusual in that it combines insights from various different disciplines and schools of thought. Adams discussions are thought-provoking and more entertaining than the subject matter might suggest.  (Endorsement)

Professor Jens Johansson

Uppsala University, Sweden, 2020

Reflecting on the Inevitable provides an accessible and interdisciplinary guide to the philosophy and psychology of death. Adams focus on personal mortality makes this book an especially welcome contribution to the literature. It will be of interest to anyone with a serious interest in the personal dimension of mortality as well as the general issue of how we may think our way through this extremely elusive realm of human experience.  (Endorsement)

Professor Paul Fairfield

Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 2020

Adams’ highly original, sensitive, attention to the struggle we each have with our own death resulted in a finely-tuned, delicately-argued book. It uses the literary aid of four fictional characters, whose presence in the book makes its ideas both accessible and engaging. (Endorsement)

Professor Havi Carel

University of Bristol, UK, 2020

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