Male partner violence (variously referred to as “gender based violence”, “wife battering”, “male violence against women”, “male interpersonal violence”, ) has serious impacts on the capacity of families and communities to function together. My key interest is in developing a better understanding of this form of violence in order to assist the design of more effective prevention and intervention strategies.




This book – through having the reader ‘eavesdrop’ on the conversations of five ‘kiwi’ men who meet regularly in a sports bar and talk about their relationships – provides a unique insight into the ‘masculine empire’ of superiority and entitlement. It shows how men approach intimate relationships, their allegiance to their like-minded ‘mates’, and the role these men play in bolstering each other’s need to be in charge of their women and their homes, capturing women in oppressive situations. It flips explanations for violence from what is happening in the minds of individual ‘bad’ men to a broader exploration of the social world of men. It illustrates what can happen to both men and women when male oppression goes too far and looks at options men might take for turning away from their controlling and violent behaviour. Read more

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Aotearoa New Zealand violence compaign Read more


  • Four tactics the pro-gun lobby can be expected to employ. Newspaper article in Stuff, April 5, 2019. Read more

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  • Member, Government Expert Advisory Committee on Family Violence, providing high level advice and reporting directly to a Cabinet Committee.

  • Member, Ministry of Justice Expert Advisory Committee on programmes for domestic violence (2014).

  • Co-founded and established (1987) a collective providing stopping violence programmes for Auckland’s North Shore. The North Harbour Living Without Violence Collective currently provides programmes for male perpetrators and women survivor/victims and teenagers. Find out more on the North Harbour Living Without Violence
  • Member of a six person Professional Practice Committee which worked on developing a constitution, code of practice, professional structure, accountability guidelines and complaints procedure for the national umbrella organisation for intervention programmes in the area of physical and sexual abuse (Men For Non-Violence), now National Network of Stopping Violence Services.
  • Practiced in various ways as clinical psychologist with male partner abuse for ten years from 1985 until 1995.
  • Currently involved with other researchers on violence in Social and Community Health at the School of Population Health.
  • Initiated and developed the New Zealand’s first specialist training programme in violence as the Auckland University of Technology (AUT University) Diploma in Violence and Trauma Studies.